Congratulations to Elizabeth Newman on the occassion of her retirement party.

Elizabeth Newman

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Tate & Renner was a private law office in Dover, Ohio (1995-2009) and Silver Spring, Maryland (2012-2013). Established in 1995 by Al Tate and Richard Renner, we advanced social justice through the practice of civil law. We handled employment matters, especially on behalf of whistleblowers. We also handled consumer, landlord-tenant, domestic violence, immigration and wage theft cases. Richard is now an attorney at Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch, P.C. Richard's blog is now here. We maintain this legacy web page for professional and personal reference.

On this web page, you can see Richard's collection of his photography and his travels to Guatemala, Mexico and Puerto Rico. You can even play with our "clock" and subscribe to Richard's free weekly synopses of the NPR puzzle.

Click here to listen to Richard's experimental podcast about a visit to the American History museum. Click here for the links to subscribe to the experimental podcast.

For more information about Richard Renner, visit his résumé. It has links to his cases, accomplishments, and affiliations. Under "Articles," (above, on this page) you can read advice that we give to our clients about taming stress, buying a used car, defending yourself from professional debt collectors, what to do if the boss questions you, and how to meet the 30-day deadline for environmental whistleblower complaints.

Contact Richard Renner by email at This web page features an early design by Chris Renner. Follow this link to see his more recent work. We welcome your comments.