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Want more fun?
Richard’s weekly synopsis of the
Will Shortz Puzzle segment on
National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition/Sunday

Can't Stop Odds table and other information about the Can't Stop board game.

Click here for 82 solutions to the chemical symbol word square (2005-11-13 puzzle, modified on 2005-11-20).

Click here for 80 solutions to magic product square on 5040 (2005-10-09 puzzle).

Click here for an analysis of 9-letter words that make 3x3 magic word squares (2003-11-30 NPR puzzle).

Click here for the Will Shortz Mosaic by Ken Knowlton, for the clues written by Frank Longo.

Click here for an analysis of Sam Lloyd's Shipwreck Puzzle.

Click here for a story of one puzzle solver consumed with objection to a pin that might have been made in a sweatshop.

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