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Laura and Richard's 2004 trip to Canillá, Guatemala

Laura and I went to Guatemala from 2004-04-12 to 2004-04-28. We were in Canillá, El Quiche, from 2004-04-24 to 2004-04-26. We went to visit the Catholic Church, and some of the Canillá residents who used to live in Ohio. We also met the families of some current "paisanos" in Ohio.
The roads to Canillá are terrible.

We stopped in Sta. Cruz to eat here.

Anastacio and his brother Tomas met us. Laura shared photos of Anastacio's time in Ohio.

Everyone likes to see the photos.

We met Carlos' brother, Nedy, and Veronica.

Anastacio introduced us to his father, Leonardo

Hermana Rosa staffs the "farmacia."

Diego shows us his estufa.

And his kids.

We met Peace Corps volunteer Allison Deitch.

Allison explains the water "pila."

Rubi and Juan David provided us hospitality.

Veronica and the sisters fed us.

Margarita and her mom at Carlos' house.

All in the family.

Checking out the photos.

Learning about cooking.

We meet the kids.

He checks out me.

Time for lunch.

Under the banana trees.

Official family portrait.

Silvia Anzueto and Allison Deitch

Allison also works with Jason.

The library was started two years ago by a Peace Corps volunteer.

The librarian, Margarita, shows off the four books in English.

The Mayan ruins at Chijo

Anastacio, Tomas and their parents.

Anastacio's daughter


Another daughter

If you love somthing, let it be free.

A treasured photo.

Reading together.

Omar's family.

Kids play
while moms wash.

Tomas' home.

Second Avenue

Saul likes to take Richard's glasses.


Allison explains how she can manage funds to buy materials so volunteers can build estufas.

Guatemala City.

Photo courtesy of Mario Rodriguez.

Margarita and her children.

Kids go to school.

Hector at play.

Margarita and Ofelia say good-bye to Laura.

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